Beethoven and Ruby…


… A Beautiful Friendship.

The Mercer Clinic Holiday Pet Basket and Winter Coats program was started in 1995 by Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital staff members of the “VOICE” staff newsletter. It has grown due to need over the years from only 25 baskets to 130 baskets last year. As one might imagine one of the rewards of participating in the Holiday Pet Basket distribution include wonderful experiences like the year we met “Beethoven” and his loving owner, Ruby. 

Ruby's fluffy, playful lab-mixed breed “son” would always follow her closely.  We got to see him prancing and dancing due to all of the excitement of the pet basket distribution. Ruby explained how much Beethoven meant to her: he was family, and his companionship brought her smiles everyday. He also helped to keep her warm in the cold evenings, as well as protected her from other dangers. She went on to tell of Beethoven’s heroic act when he awakened her one night after her sleeve caught fire, saving her from serious injury or worse.  She had always been grateful to him for this and many other wonderful deeds Beethoven has accomplished. He, too, was clearly grateful to her for saving him from drowning when he was thrown into the Sacramento River in a gunny sack. Seeing these two very special companions together - Ruby’s smiling face and Beethoven’s wagging tail - while they opened up gifts from Santa was heartwarming to all of us.  Experiences like this help keep us motivated to reach out to contributors, who we count on, to help us make this event happen annually.

We need your help to continue the Mercer Clinic for the pets of the homeless and the Mercer Clinic Holiday Pet basket program. Please consider supporting the program this year; you can find out how to donate here.

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