Support the Mercer Clinic Holiday Pet Baskets and Winter Pet Coat and Sweater Program

a special gift of the season…

The Holiday Pet Baskets and Winter Coats program at Mercer Clinic is a tradition that is dear to our hearts. Through the program, we’ve been able to bless our clients and patients with a little extra holiday cheer each year, and this year we plan to do the same. You can learn more about the history of the Holiday Basket program at its main page here. Tax-deductible donations can be made by the following methods. A receipt for tax deduction purposes will be provided to all donors.


Please make your check to: UC Regents - Mercer Clinic Holiday Pet Baskets

..And send it to:

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Office of the Dean,

P.O. Box 1167, Davis CA 95617-1167

Attn. Mercer Holiday Pet Baskets.


The online donation for the Mercer Clinic Holiday Pet Baskets program can be found on the UC Davis website at:

As one might imagine, in order to produce 130 baskets filled with gifts, it takes many contributors to make it a success. Thanks to all the above participants we had the ingredients to produce the biggest and best holiday pet basket event ever.

Furthermore, several years ago we learned that unfortunately, the pets are the homeless are generally not allowed int the homeless shelters with their owners. So, we added the Mercer Winter Pet Coat and Sweater Program to help these special pets get through the cold and wet winters. This important program has helped many of pets of the homeless, particularly older or more frail pets, survive the winters.  Last year we issued over 250 pets coats and 250 sweaters however, we need even more generous contributions to continue this program since it has become vital to the survival of these special pets. All donations are tax-deductible and all donors receive a confirmation receipt for any monetary donations.

We wish to remind everyone that every year we rely on the kindness of the public to help these very special pets who are more than a pet. Instead, they are the constant companions and family members to the less fortunate.  Mercer Veterinary Clinic and the crew of the Holiday Pet Baskets and Winter Pet Coat and Sweater program wish to thank our contributors for their generosity to allow us to continue these two programs and we also wish everyone a wonderful and happy holiday season.

For more information or any questions please contact Eileen Samitz at or call (530) 756-5165 evenings or weekends.

**Note that the basket donation fund is operated by the Dean’s Office at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Mercer Clinic for the Pets of the Homeless is not financially affiliated with the campus or the UC system, and donations to the direct operation of the clinic are separate. More information about the year-round funding of the clinic itself is available here.

Images on all come from actual clinic events. Images courtesy of Erik Darnell and previous mercer student historians, used with permission.