Mercer History

History of Mercer Veterinary Clinic

1992: Mercer was founded by UC Davis veterinary students, Randy Singer and Dori Borjesson, along with a group of volunteer doctors. The initial plan for the clinic was modeled after the Doney Memorial Pet Clinic in Seattle, WA. Mercer was named after a fictional character with an ability to share an empathetic response.

1995: A group of volunteers at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital created the Holiday Pet Basket program.

Spring 2012: Mercer started to make plans for transitioning the clinic from the Loaves & Fishes warehouse to a standalone trailer.

May 2012: Mercer is honored with the Outstanding Communty Service Award from the UC Davis Internship and Career Center and Community Service Resource Center.

Winter 2012: The Mercer Pet Coat and Sweater program was started.

Summer 2013: Mercer moved into its new home, a double-trailer unit next door to the Loaves & Fishes complex.

February 2015: A huge fundraising campaign was launched to convert the clinic into a permanent structure.

May 2015: Mercer is honored with three prestigious awards: the Outstanding Community Service Award from the UC Davis Internship and Career Center and Community Service Resource Center; the Chancellor's Civic Engagement Award; and the Presidential Award for Community Service.

Spring 2016: A plan to create a procedure suite within the clinic was set into motion.

Winter 2016: Heavy rains caused the clinic to suffer water damage and structural issues.

Summer and Fall 2017: All repairs for the clinic have been completed, and the building received a much needed interior update.

Spring and Summer 2018:  Mercer adds "procedure day."  With the help of some new equipment, plus our wonderful volunteer veterinarians generously donating even more of their time and surgery/anaesthesia skills, Mercer is now doing a few dental cleaning procedures and other minor procedures that require anaesthesia each month. Like all Mercer services, these services are being provided at no cost to clients, on the basis of greatest need.