June Update!

After a few months delay, during which our officer positions transitioned to the next year of students, we have eventually resumed our monthly procedure days! On June 16th a group of students had the opportunity to work with Dr. Alison Stambaugh on two dental procedures. We were able to examine Little Boy and Midnight, two brother cats that are regular patients of Mercer Clinic as both cats had severe dental disease that ultimately required full mouth extractions (which can equate up to 60 teeth!). Thanks to the Pet Retention Grant that we received this past year from PetSmart Charities, our clinic has been able to update our dental surgery suite and we now have both a brand new dental radiograph and dental cleaning machine. Dental x-rays are extremely helpful in giving the doctor an idea of which teeth are missing, fractured or need to be removed, and are therefore essential in performing a thorough dental cleaning. As veterinary students, it can be difficult to obtain training to learn how to position our patients and to perform dental radiographs, so we are truly excited for this hands-on experience. Once our patient is comfortably resting, we take one full set of radiographs before the cleaning and one more set at the end to make sure everything looks good before waking them up! Both Little Boy and Midnight did well under anesthesia and recovered comfortably before being picked up in the afternoon. All in all it was a long day, but an exciting start to using all of Mercer’s new dental equipment!