July Clinic Update

Mercer Clinic continues to press on through this July heat!  Our July clinic day, on Saturday the 14th, ran smoothly despite the fact that many of our student volunteers are still not back for the next term.  We saw about our average volume of pets this month.  We're working on ideas to make fast visits, like for picking up preventive care only, even faster so we can see more pets during our limited time.  Thanks to everyone who continues to support us, and stay tuned for the full launch of our new website this month!

June Clinic Update

June clinic update: The heat was turning up in the Sacramento area for our June 9th clinic, we almost got to triple digits! Despite the heat and the fact that a lot of our student volunteers are away on summer break, we had a good turnout this month. The team saw over 120 pets this month, and the clinic ran smoothly. Great job everyone! See you next month. --Erik

June Inspiration: Health, Care

Early on a Saturday morning in one of the poorest communities of the greater Sacramento area, a team of volunteers gathers. Current veterinary students, many of whom have spent dozens of their precious few personal hours through the month planning, organizing, and raising funds for their all-day volunteer clinic, are here to share their growing skills with the least privileged among us. Community and faculty veterinarians arrive, after their 40-60+ hour work weeks, just to help make a few more lives happier and healthier. A team of pre-veterinary students supports the care team through the day, expressing the compassion of the field to which they are pledging many, many years of their futures.

Outside our small clinic, our humble clients with their four-footed friends, our patients, gather in the parking lot. In the clinician/client/patient relationships that occur at our clinic, something miraculous happens. For a moment, a client who may own nothing in this world but the clothes on his back is no longer one of the most forgotten in our society. As we talk about the healthcare of his pet, he becomes just another pet owner, a partner and peer with all these esteemed persons who have teamed up to deliver that care. For a moment, one of our fellow humans -- who might not know where she’s going to find shelter tonight -- can escape being viewed as homeless person, because she is her pet’s home.

Decades of experience; thousands of hours of study; lifetimes of passion for living things -- they all crystalize in a moment of diagnosis. “Yes, sir, your puppy looks healthy. You’re doing a great job caring for him; here’s some preventive treatment to keep him in good health.” “Yes, ma’am, I think we know why your dog is limping. We can help her feel better.” Our effort to help their companions thrive is our contribution to the health of humanity. This is what our careers in veterinary medicine mean to us. This is compassion. This is Mercer Clinic.

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