Welcome to Mercer Clinic for the Pets of the Homeless! 

Holiday News! Our partner Christmas Basket program is starting preparations for our December clinic event, where we give warm coats to the pets and people who come to our clinic, and each pet that is seen gets a goody basket! Contributions to the holiday gift program help us make the holidays a bit more special in the way that we can. Check out the event page here, to find out how you can support the special event!

We are a student-run volunteer veterinary outreach dedicated to serving the pets of the homeless in Sacramento, CA.  Under the supervision of faculty and community DVM volunteers, we provide current veterinary students and pre-veterinary students with experience seeing patients, while providing both preventive and restorative care to pets in need.  Find out more about what we do, and how you can help, using the links below.

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About our mission

Find out about what we do, our monthly clinics and yearly holiday project, our history and more.

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support the vision!

Info on how to volunteer as a veterinary student or professional, and on the donations that help us keep our clinic running!

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Images on mercerclinic.com all come from actual clinic events. Images courtesy of the Mercer Clinic student historians, used with permission.